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About Ryan

The short version:

Ryan Basham is a film/TV producer, thought leader, and executive life and business coach who works with people and businesses to find what’s not working and replace it with something that works. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook and join him at

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(VIDEO) Ryan on the Power of Surrender

In this video, Ryan talks about the power of surrender, and how it can clear the way for even the most powerful people to make progress. What can you surrender to today? Let us know in the comments!... read more

(VIDEO) Welcome to my video series!

Hey there! I’m really excited that, along with the launch of this new version of my website, I’ve started a video series! Check it the first video, and let me know what you’d like me to cover in future videos in the comments... read more

How Big Are Your Dreams?

There’s something beautiful about the way the Universe brings lessons to life. I’ll read a phrase that speaks to me in the paper (ok, let’s be honest- on Facebook), then I’ll hear almost exactly the same thing come out of someone’s mouth a few days later, then an opportunity to coach someone on that same topic comes up in my workshops or with one of my private clients… these things keep happening and then it clicks for me: I’m getting a message! Lately, the message that’s been opening up for me is how small my dreams are when I make them about me. If my vision is just about me, it literally can’t be much bigger than my physical body. What a waste of a life! On the other hand, I can focus out. I can make my vision not just about what I want for me, but what I want for the world. I don’t set out upon the grand adventures of my life because I want to keep the results for myself (although, I do want them as well). I do it because I want everyone to benefit from the fruits of my labor. The money I will make from selling my next book, for instance, will be a wonderful byproduct of creating opportunities for breakthroughs and learning for the rest of the human race. I was observing one of my mentors in a workshop this past week, and he talked to a lot of people directly about their dreams. He kept saying, “there’s too much YOU in there.” What?! If it’s MY dream, shouldn’t I be... read more